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崔萍  ♀
Tsui Ping (3)
Mandarin: cuī píng
Cui Xiu-Lan

Filmography (1964-1967)
  演員 / Actor (1964-1967)
    梁山伯與祝英台 / Liang San Poh and Chu Ing Tai (1964) ... / [Singing]
    賣油郎獨佔花魁女 / How the Oil Vendor Won the Beauty Queen (1964) ... 蘭花 / Lan Hua
    鱷魚河 / Crocodile River (1965) ... / Crocodile River [singing]
    宋宮秘史 / Inside the Forbidden City (1965) ... / [Singing] 'Celebrating Peace'
    新桃花江 / Peach Blossom River (1967) ... / [Singing] The Moon over the Willow
  Translation from Chinese Wikipedia entry: Cui Ping also tried to be a film star in Shaw Corporation. In 1954, a freelance film company sponsored by Wong Cheuk Han recruited newcomers in Hong Kong. She and Lin Chui/Jeanette Lin, Ding Ying/Ting Ying, who later became stars, were admitted at the same time due to her father's opposition , She only starred in a film made by Shaw, so she later decided to focus on singing career. Cui Ping's husband's name was Jiang Hong, Shaw's voice actor.