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朴祐相  ♂
Park Woo-Sang
Pinyin: yòu xiāng
Richard W. Park

影視作品 / Filmography (1975-1984)
  導演 / Director
    死亡游戏 / Kill the Ninja (1975)    
    鬼門的两个左脚手 / Blazing Fists (1977)    
    大敵手 / A Blow of Fury (1977)    
    少林館支配人 / Dreadnaught Rivals (1982)    
    我叫雙腿 / My Name Is 'Twin Legs' (1982)    
    廣東館小和子 / Duel of Ultimate Weapons (1983)    
    四大少林寺 / Shaolin - The Blood Mission (1984)    
  Emigrated to the United States and worked on low-budgeted action films starring the likes of Korean-born martial artists and actors Jun Chong and Lee Tae-Joon