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李小龍  ♂
Bruce Lee Siu-Lung
Pinyin: xiǎo lóng
Lee Lung,  Lee Hoi-Chuen Junior

影視作品 / Filmography (1948-1980)
  監製 / Producer
    猛龍過江 / The Way of the Dragon (1972)    
  導演 / Director
    猛龍過江 / The Way of the Dragon (1972)    
    死亡遊戲 / The Game of Death (1978)    
  武術顧問 / Martial Arts Consultant
    麒麟掌 / Fist of Unicorn (1973)    
  演員 / Actor (1948-1980)
    富貴浮雲 / Wealth Is Like a Dream (1948) ... 牛仔 / [intro]
    夢裡西施 / Xishi in the Dream (1949)    
    細路祥 / The Kid (1950) ... 細路祥 / Kid Cheung
    人之初 / Infancy (1951)    
    父之過 / Blame It on Father (1953) ... 大眼狗 / Dai Gnan-Gau ('Big-Eyed Dog' )
    苦海明燈 / The Guiding Light (1953) ... 童年天生 / Tin-sang - child
    慈母淚 / A Mother's Tears (1953)    
    千萬人家 / A Myriad Homes (1953)    
    危樓春曉 / In the Face of Demolition (1953)    
    孤兒行 / Orphan's Song (1955)    
    守得雲開見月明 / The Faithful Wife (1955)    
    愛(上集) / Love (Part 1) (1955) ... 馬師侯之子 / Ma Si-Hau's son
    愛(下集) / Love (Part 2) (1955) ... 馬師侯之子 / Ma Si-Hau's son
    孤星血淚 / An Orphan's Tragedy (1955) ... 童年王復群 / Frank/Fuk-Wan (child)
    孤兒行 / Orphan's Song (1955)    
    兒女債 / We Owe It to Our Children (1955) ... 阿仔 / Ah Cai
    詐痲納福 / The Wise Guys Who Fool Around (1956)    
    早知當初我唔嫁 / Too Late for Divorce (1956)    
    雷雨 / Thunderstorm (1957) ... 周衝 / Chow Chung
    甜姐兒 / Darling Girl (1957) ... 同學 / Student friend/dancing partner
    人海孤鴻 / The Orphan (1960) ... 阿三 / Ah Sam
    唐山大兄 / The Big Boss (1971) ... 鄭潮安/唐山大兄 / Cheng Chiu On
    精武門 / Fist of Fury (1972) ... 陳真 / Chen Zhen
    猛龍過江 / The Way of the Dragon (1972) ... 唐龍 / China Dragon / Tang Lung
    李小龍的生與死 / Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend (1973) ... / [Himself]
    龍爭虎鬥 / Enter the Dragon (1973) ... 李先生 / Lee
    最後精武門 / The Last Fist of Fury (1977) ... / (Himself / Archiv Footage)
    死亡遊戲 / The Game of Death (1978) ... 盧比利 / Billy Lo [archive footage]
    死亡塔 / Tower of Death (1980) ... / Billy Lo
  武術指導 / Martial Arts Director
    猛龍過江 / The Way of the Dragon (1972)    
    龍爭虎鬥 / Enter the Dragon (1973)    
    死亡遊戲 / The Game of Death (1978)    
  編劇 / Writer
    猛龍過江 / The Way of the Dragon (1972)    
    死亡遊戲 / The Game of Death (1978)    
  World famous cultural icon who was a child actor (appearing in 20 films as a child), a U.S. television star (primarily Kato in the "Green Hornet" series), a Hong Kong martial arts film star, and a pioneering martial arts teacher who invented his own mixed martial-arts style.

Although born in San Francisco's Chinatown in a year of the Dragon (1940), Bruce grew up in Kowloon, Hong Kong. As a teen he trained in Wing Chun under grandmaster 葉問 (Yip Man), as well as grandmaster 張卓慶 (William Cheung) and martial artist 黃淳樑 (Wong Shun Leung). Yip Man disciple William Cheung was responsible for convincing Yip Man to take Bruce Lee as a student.

At 18 he moved to Seattle, WA, USA to attend the University of Washington and also started teaching martial arts.

Married Linda Emery in 1964. They had a son Brandon and a daughter Shannon.

His untimely death in 1973 was from a severe allergic reaction to the tranquilizer meprobamate - the main ingredient in the drug Equagesic - given to him by Lee's then-paramour Betty Ting Pei to give him relief from an apparent headache.

Bruce was well-known and highly regarded for his stance on racial discrimination and his acceptance of all peoples. He suffered from discriminatory treatment as a child in Hong Kong for being of mixed-blood (he is one quarter German through his mother), and discrimination in the United States for being Asian at a time when such treatment was common. This shaped his views and actions. Ultimately Bruce created an important cultural bridge between east and west, and he is a powerful symbol of inter-racial friendship. In this way, Bruce Lee is a particular source of inspiration and motivation behind the continued existence of the HKMDB.

(B. Kasten 2020)