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李賽鳳  ♀
Moon Lee Choi-Fung
Pinyin: sài fèng
Morna Lee

影視作品 / Filmography (1981-2008)
  演員 / Actor (1981-2008)
    交叉零蛋 / To Sir with Troubles (1981) ... / [intro]
    奇謀妙計五福星 / Winners and Sinners (1983) ... 休班CID女友 / CID's girlfriend in park
    新蜀山劍俠 / Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) ... / One of the Ice Queen's guards
    波牛 / The Champions (1983) ... / Hung
    夏日福星 / Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) ... / [Cameo at the end]
    時來運轉 / Those Merry Souls (1985) ... / Fung
    威龍猛探 / The Protector (1985) ... 林小姐 / Soo Ling
    殭屍先生 / Mr. Vampire (1985) ... 任婷婷 / Yam Ting Ting
    殭屍家族 / Mr. Vampire Part 2 (1986) ... 阿芝 / Gigi Lam/Gigi Lin
    國父孫中山與開國英雄 / The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1986)    
    天使行動 / Angel (1987) ... Moon / Moon
    盡訴心中情 / Midnight Whispers (1988) ... 李小紅 / Hong
    天使行動II火鳳狂龍 / Angel II (1988) ... Moon / Mona
    天使行動III魔女末日 / Angel III (1989) ... Moon / Moon
    金牌師姐 / Princess Madam (1989)    
    殺手天使 / Killer Angels (1989)    
    獵魔群英 / Devil Hunters (1989)    
    水玲瓏 / The Revenge of Angel (1990) ... / Angel Sui
    赤色大風暴 / Fatal Termination (1990) ... / Moon
    初到貴境 / New Kids in Town (1990)    
    夜魔先生 / The Nocturnal Demon (1990) ... / Wawa Chai
    衛斯理之霸王卸甲 / Bury Me High (1991) ... 王安娜 / Anna Wong
    契媽唔易做 / To Catch a Thief (1991) ... / Woo Shiu Fung/Mosquito Paper
    禿鷹檔案 / Mission of Condor (1991) ... 黃玫瑰 / Rose Wang
    夢醒血未停 / Dreaming the Reality (1991)    
    天使特警 / Angel Force (1991)    
    '92霸王花與霸王花 / Inspector Wears Skirts IV (1992) ... Madam Lee / Madame Lee
    新龍爭虎鬥 / Kickboxer's Tears (1992) ... 李小鳳 / Li Feng
    金三角群英會 / Mission of Justice (1992) ... 藍鷹 / Moon
    偷神家族 / The Big Deal (1992) ... 小妹 / May
    警網雄風 / Secret Police (1992)    
    霸海紅英 / The Avenging Quartet (1993)    
    火種 / Angel Terminators 2 (1993)    
    末路狂花 / A Serious Shock! Yes Madam! (1993) ... 阿美 / May
    天使狂龍 / Angel's Project (1993)    
    妙探雙嬌 / Beauty Investigator (1993) ... / Feng
    小鬼奇兵 / Little Heroes Lost in China (1995)    
    天煞孤星 / Dragon Get Angry (2005)    
    助念新星 / Only the Way (2008)    
  Emigrated to Taiwan with her family at the age of 7, Li is a fluent Mandarin speaker. Practicing dance, she entered a dance contest held in Hong Kong, and was chanced upon by a producer, who referred her to Chui Siu Ming. They met and clicked, and Li was asked to star in her first TV drama series. Perhaps it was due to her constant public exposure in dance that Li was not camera shy at all. What she couldn't get used to was handling dialogues in Cantonese. She was only 15 then.

After her break in TV, she had her first movie outing in Tsui Hark's "Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain" (1983). She was fascinated and amused by what went on in the film. As it was a period sword fighting piece, actors had to be "wired" or "hanged" in midair for flying scenes. Li never seemed to tire of being "wired," she found it a lot of fun.

Li's background in dance has helped her in her agility when doing action flicks. In no time, she became the hot commodity of martial arts films, and her popularity extended to East Asia as well. She starred in a series of "Angel" cop movies, and shared billings with Japanese mega-star Hideki Saijo (Angel 1988).

There was nothing new about being black and bruised when one stars in the action genre. But whilst filming "Devil Hunters" in 1989, an explosion went haywire, and Li, along with her co-stars Ray Lui Leung Wai and Sibelle Hu (Wu Wai-Chung) were injured seriously. Fortunately they had all recuperated from it.

Yet, at that time, Li felt lost. She was afraid that it was the end of her acting career. Though bed-ridden, she never gave up hope. She kept on telling herself that she would get well - and indeed she did. The accident has made her realize that willpower is the driving force for accomplishing anything.

- Adapted from the biography section of the HK release of The Protector (1985)