Iron Ox, the Tiger's Killer (1974)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-12-28
Summary: Keeping a promise
The story here is about promises, revenge and misunderstanding. In other words, the classic motivations for a kung fu movie. This one is a bit offbeat, in that the hero is also somewhat of an anti-hero. Wong Goon Hung plays a hero who takes some pretty villainous actions, as exemplified by his character's relationship with the Intelligence Chief who of course represents law and order. Ming Lung, in keeping his promise, becomes a vigilante, and resorts to kidnapping to find out who killed his Sifu.

The action is plentiful and of pretty good quality. There are even a few gimmicks, such as a well-performed fight on a runaway cart, and a dominos game at a casino where the stakes go from money to a cup of blood to the dealer's life.

If you're looking for something just a shade off the beaten track of 'you-killed-my-master-I-must-take-revenge' rut, then this one is worth a look.
Reviewer Score: 6