Iron Ox, the Tiger's Killer (1974)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2006-07-10
Summary: Horrible until the last 15 minutes...
Unfortunately, I felt that Iron Ox fell into the trap of a typical revenge kung fu movie too quickly, and then only tried to right the ship in the last scene of the movie, far too late to change my overall negative impression. Chan Ming Lung's vengeful quest to find the killer of his master was something I've seen too many times to be interesting. The acting is wooden and the fight scenes, although plentiful, are either once again under cranked or slow and poorly choreographed. One factor that may have lent to my disappointment in the film was the horrendous transfer that I watched. At least 20% of each side of the film was cut off, leading many scenes to simply be a shot of the set, with voices heard from non-existent actors. Add that to the sub-4th generation VCR tape quality, and you have a pretty un-enjoyable viewing experience.

This review refers to the Video Asia DVD release of the film, partnered with "Jade Hairpin" as a double feature.

Reviewer Score: 2