Hidden Desire (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-04
Summary: Uneven but mostly dull skinflick
Survival tips for this movie : To prevent boredom setting in, the fast-forward button is essential. The plot is of no consequence at all, so zip past it to the nude scenes, some of which can be fast-forwarded too. Slow down for Veronica Yip and the disco girl, and leave on normal speed for Rena. If you're a mad keen fan of Veronica and no-one else, this film will almost certainly disappoint (go watch Pretty Woman instead !), but it may enlighten you to the considerable charms of Rena, whose fans will adore this one, despite having to wait over an hour before she appears.

Continuing from the plot descrip >
Up till this point, there've been quite a few sex/nude scenes, though there are frequent long and VERY dull interruptions of lame attempts at a story, and the sex scenes are mostly pretty unexciting. Even Veronica's scenes could have been a lot better.
But the last quarter of the film is a dramatic improvement. The story is still stupid, but the arrival of Rena Murakami as Yoshiko really livens things up. It's as though director Ho Fan had been sleeping and just woke up. Instead of half-hearted efforts at lush romantic erotic scenes, the sex scenes in this part of the film are simply wonderful, and well up with the best of Ho's work. Just watch as Rena takes a bath, is picked up by David, dropped by David then, with no apparent connection to the story, Charlie comes back into the picture, and proceeds to rape her in every room of her flat and in every possible position. And the weirdest thing is this - it's by far the best filmed and visually splendid scene in the picture. Perhaps director Ho woke up again. But the sight of the gorgeous Yoshiko/Rena being pounded by Charlie while she cries out repeatedly for David (who isn't coming back) is as artistic as it is disturbing. And the ending seems to leave nothing resolved. Was there perhaps a planned sequel ???
Reviewer Score: 4