Escape from Brothel (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-09
Summary: Only for the brave
God, what a mess ! Far from an amiable nude romp.

A lovely opening scene, showcasing Pauline's charms. A number of sex scenes (some violent and very cruel, including an atrocious scene where a girl is tied up, raped and killed by electric shock to the nipples).
Much gory fighting. Some great close-up nude shots. A great shower scene, where a guy dresses in drag to perve at three or four soapy nude women in close-up (a scene with absolutely no connection to the story, hard to follow as it is).

Some short bits of very silly comedy. A reasonable effort at a tender love scene. And a grand finale where those who haven't already been killed fight it out on a construction site. Only one of the main characters (and there are so many !) is left alive at the end, and is apprehended by the police.
I'm making it sound like a beefed-up and seriously Cat III remake of Friday_Gigolo, and there are similarities, only this one is much sexier, even more violent (hard to believe) and overall even worse.

In between these often bewildering changes in mood, the drama scenes are pretty much dull soap - the difficulties of making aliving from selling your body, how to escape Canton and earn real money in HK, adjusting to the fact that your girlfriend hasn't told you she's a pro while she hiding you in the closet and services customers......

There's plenty of gory action. Billy has a great fight scene with a blonde female kung-fu fighter (Sophie Crawford), and beats up and kills a few more people along the way. The confusing plot Near the end, a piece of music from Midnight Express is played over and over in the background.

In summary : Heaps of sex and violence. Mostly very unpleasant. Ultimately very depressing. Has a few great bits, but recommended only for the brave.
Reviewer Score: 4