The Blacksheep Affair (1998)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-15
Summary: Much action but little sense
To describe the plot as racist and chauvinist muddled nonsense would be too kind.
Does the plot descrip sounds all a bit hard to follow, and stretching credibility ? This is about the first one-third of the story, and it gets progressively sillier. And the assumptions about Western racism against the Chinese alternate between breathtakingly naive and simply stupid.
This is not the sort of film where you can say "oh well, the story is claptrap, but I'll ignore it and just enjoy the action". Try as you might, the stupid story simply won't stop getting in the way of the action. However, there certainly is plenty of action - gunfire, kicking, swordplay, even an attempted aircraft hijacking - and it's great, heart-pounding stuff. Shu Kei is also heart-pounding and, here, manages to look astonishingly like a young Ng Sin Lin. Yum Yum !
So, do watch, and try not to be sick afterwards by dwelling on the plot !
Reviewer Score: 5