Full Contact (1992)
Reviewed by: TequilaYuen on 2000-06-11
Summary: One Of Chow Yun Fat/Ringo Lam's Best Collaborations!
This Movie has it all. I have only seen in on video, but i bet the Dvd has the same features(Media Asia is pretty skimpy on extras). The Story is about the survival of Hong Kongs degenerate society. Chow Yun Fat plays Jeff, bodygaurd at a local bar who getis into some trouble with a local loan shark. He is later double crossed by a gay psychopath (Simon Yam, who steals the show), on a job. He is shot, beaten and left for dead....only to regain his strength, and return to HK for revenge. Backed by it's gritty violence, great lighting, cock rock soundtrack, and bullet cam (my fave). This is Lam's answer to the growing Ultraviolence crave from HK. One of my ten best.