House of Traps (1982)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-07-24
Summary: Awesome action drama
An awesome old school action thriller with the best plot/storyline(which is what really counts) of films made in its era. I suspect the story is taken from the popular TV series "Justice Bao", which comprises of about 30 different beautiful stories, some documented while others fictional. I was familiar with many characters in this film, and the best thing about it is the retaining of original Mandarin dialogues! That instantly made the movie 90% better. I just love the old way of talking in Chinese. A lot of good fighting and suspense, and of course great stunts used for THE house of traps which lives up to its name. As with most Shaw Bros movies, scenes of murder and dying are super short and not convincing in any way, but that was due to the early stage of the film industry and the low budget given. Other than that and some uneven transitions during the movie, I loved this magnificent venom production! Kuo Choi is THE man!


p.s. The ending was quite odd...