A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-04-04
Summary: Not one of my favorite-favorite, but
Good enough to be placed in my top 30 and a 4/5 stars. This movie would be considered "above average" compared to even an average ghost/kung fu Chinese TV series in the early 90s, but taking into account when this film was made, you can at least appreciate the incredible effects and the all-powerful love story, which has since been borrowed over and over and almost turned into a cliche. Very touching, very moving, and every bit of it makes you wanna see more. The final scene where "satan" wants to capture Joey Wong and dead spirit with Leslie Cheung the tax collector and Wu Ma and old swordsman coming to rescue is perhaps the highlight of the entire film. Great! [9/10]
Reviewer Score: 9