The Saviour (1980)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-09-07
Summary: Partial take on Dirty Harry
Pai Ying has a go at being Eastwood. The story has at least one eye on the first Dirty Harry film, but is far from a straight copy. Inspector Tom has a soft spot for kids and deals with women better than Clint did, at least in his early films.

Despite the mostly Chinese cast, this doesn't look or feel much like a HK film. Quite a lot of effort seems to have been expended making this much like a US cop film, but this is not entirely successful. There are still bits of silliness and poor scripting which definitely ID this film as non-US. For instance, the ending beggars belief, and wouldn't even have passed the cut of a low-budget American flick.

That said, the acting is pretty good (especially by Tin Fung) and the story is involving and easy to follow. The flashback scenes which explains why the psycho went psycho reminded me somewhat of CARRIE.

There is some pretty harmless nudity, mostly topless only, in several scenes. And the subtitles are a joy to read, They are simply HUGE ! Overall, quite well made but unremarkable.
Reviewer Score: 5