A Wild Party (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-10-11
Summary: Not so wild
A mostly sloppy ensemble piece. There are several sex scenes and lots of lewd talk (surprisingly talky for a porn cheapie), but very little nudity. Most of the girls show off their bosoms, except for Pauline Chan who, as in many of her Cat III films, stays fully clothes, even during her only sex scene. The only actress to appear full frontal is Suen Tong, in a couple of brief flashes as her on-screen husband photographs her in the shower.

This film boasts the presence of five of HKs loveliest nude actresses. But, incredibly, four of them look no better than rather plain. Pauline stays grim in both dress and demeanour for the whole of her screen time. The normally lip-smacking beauties Yip Sin Yi and Ying Biu Liu look like pasty-faced cheap tarts (a disgrace !), and that great brassy broad Suen Tong looks sweet and rather demure !

This leaves Ruby Wong. That's Wong Jo Yi, not Wong Cheuk Ling. Ruby looks as delicious as ever. You have to wait 44 minutes for her to appear, but it's worth it. Perhaps she slept with the director, as she is given the full glamour treatment while, as noted above, the others looked well below their best. Unless you are intrigued by the supposed minutiate of wife swapping among HK's middle class, Ruby is the only reason you'd watch this rather lame mess.

Okay if there's nothing much else available.
Reviewer Score: 3