My Dream Is Yours (1988)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-08-05
Summary: Offbeat and quite good
This film is superficially quite similar to ALL NIGHT LONG. They are both largely set in a 7-11 (probably the same one), mostly at night, involve dead bodies and people chasing after a bag of cash. However, MDIY has an added element - the supernatural. Although somewhat marred by silliness, MDIY is nevertheless quite an good atmospheric light horror flick which, unlike many HK films, actually does manage to be quite creepy. The cinematography is very good and helps create just the right atmosphere of unease. Jacky and Joey do a good job as the two people who are bothered by having to stay awake to avoid their nightmares becoming reality.

Here's a line : "Please don't give me the creep".

Quite an unusual film, and well worth watching.
Reviewer Score: 7