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Yung Sheng Film Company

Yung Sheng Films Co.
Wing Sheng Film Company
Yong Sheng Film Company, Limited
Yung Sheng (H.K.) Film Co.
Young Sun Production
  Come Rain or Come Shine (1974)
  Paul the Kid (1975)
  Forever My Love (1976)
  Come Fly with Me (1976)
  The Smiling Face (1977)
  A Pirate of Love (1977)
  Love in the Shadow (1977)
  The War of Sexes (1978)
  The War of the Boundary (1978)
  A Sorrowful Wedding (1979)
  The Funny Couple (1979)
  No One Can Touch Her (1979)
  A Girl Without Sorrow (1979)
  Twin Troubles (1980)
  Poor Chasers (1980)
  Flying Home (1980)
  Lucky by Chance (1981)
  The Merry Couple (1981)
  The Lady Avenger (1981)
  If I Were for Real (1981)
  On the Society File of Shanghai (1981)
  Exposed to Danger (1982)
  Devil Returns (1982)
  The Anger (1982)
  Crazy Youth (1982)
  The Sexy Lady Driver (1982)
  Pink Thief (1982)
  Girl with a Gun (1982)
  Love in the Dust (1988)
  Seductress (1988)
  Crazy Youth (1982)
  Wing Sheng Film Co. organised by Chiang Jih-Shen and Chiang Chin-Te