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Yue Chow (Yuzhou) Film Company

  The Peacock Shows Its Tail (1939)
  Feed the Scholar (1947)
  Prostituting to Raise the Orphan (1947)
  Wife in the Morning, Sister-in-law at Night (1947)
  Why Not Return? (Part 2) (1947)
  Cuckoo's Spirit in March (1947)
  Flowers After the Storm (1947)
  Pavilion of Sorrow (1947)
  Return of the Black Hero (1948)
  Flowers of Wealth (1953)
  Little Sweetheart (1956)
  The Romantic Monk (1956)
  The Story of Sima Sheung-yu (1957)
  An Uncle's Sacrifice (1960)
  A Murder Case (1961)