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Hong Kong New China Film Company

Hsin Wha Motion Picture
Sun Hwa Film Company
  Sweet Memories (1952)
  Let the Young Decide (1960)
  The Honest Hero and the Faithful Dog (1963)
  The Tempestuous Sunset (1967)
  The Son of Swordsman (1969)
  Iron Fan and Magic Sword (1970)
  The Fairy's Bride (1971)
  A Real Man (1971)
  Swimming Pool Episode (1973)
  Dragon Blows (1973)
  The Dark Alley (1973)
  The Assignment (1974)
  The Living Buddha Chikung (1975)
  The Morning Date (1976)
  Three Minutes Past Nine (1978)
  Lotus Triangle (1979)
  Pathetic Heart (1980)
  The Undated Wedding (1980)
  Six Directions of Boxing (1980)
  A Girl Who Comes from the Country (1980)
  Rape and Die (1983)
  Dress Off for Life (1984)