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Fong Kwang Film Co., Ltd.

(HKFA) Feng Kuan Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
  Furious Dragon (1973)
  All in the Dim Cold Night (1974)
  The Wedding Night (1975)
  Deep Autumn Love (1976)
  The Ghost (1976)
  Old Lock (1977)
  We Feel the Wind Again (1977)
  The Old House (1977)
  The Love Flowers (1977)
  The Midnight Song (1977)
  The Old Lock (1977)
  Gone Forever (1978)
  New Moon (1978)
  The Tale of Old House (1979)
  Horror Inn (1979)
  The Fate (1979)
  Tao Yan Gui (1980)
  Ah Hsi and Ah Hua (1980)
  Keep Out Of Danger (1980)
  Shocking! (1981)
  The Mid-Night (1981)
  The Key Game (1982)
  Nightmarish Highway (1982)
  Founder: Liu Kuan-Chun