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World Wide Motion Picture Studio

  A Beautiful Evening (1948)
  Uncompromising Fellow (1948)
  Never Too Late to Come Home (1947)
  Love Song of South Island (1947)
  The Unfinished Story (1947)
  Madame Yang, the Imperial Concubine (1947)
  Red Chamber in the Sea (Part 1) (1947)
  Hundreds of Birds Adoring a Phoenix (1947)
  The Evil Mind (1947)
  The Herbal Beauty (1947)
  The Young Couple (1947)
  Ways to Make Money (1947)
  The Fickle Lady (1947)
  Red Chamber in the Sea (Part 2) (1947)
  Take the Poison with Smile (1947)
  The Aged Lovers (1947)
  Hot-tempered Liang's Adventure in Hong Kong (1947)
  Where Is the Lady's Home (1947)
  Intimate Lovers (1947)
  One-Eye Dragon, the Strange Hero (1947)
  Gold Fever (1947)
  The Dragon Is Teased by the Beautiful Phoenix (1948)
  The Faithful Wife and Lascivious Woman (1948)
  Bloody Cloth (1948)
  Long Distance Romance (1948)
  Loved by Ten Women (1948)
  Return of the Black Hero (1948)
  Two Dragons Chase After a Pearl (1948)
  The Desperate Man's Jump to Death (1948)
  The Tangled Phoenix (1948)
  Underground Maze (1948)
  Four Phoenixes Take Flight (1948)
  Love and Hate (1948)
  The Fight Between King Kong and Cow Evil (1948)
  The Outstanding One (1948)
  Regretful Lovers (1948)
  The Villain (1948)
  The Immortal Children (1948)
  A Jealous Couple (1948)
  Twelve Beauties Pavilion (1948)
  If I Were King (1948)
  The Man Who Loves Women (1948)
  Wealth Is Like a Dream (1948)
  A Fair Lady with Ill Fate (1948)
  Local Scholar (1948)
  The Soul's Return in the Storm (1948)
  Strange Bedfellows (1949)
  Two Courageous Heroes (1949)
  A Quarrelsome Couple (1949)
  Xishi in the Dream (1949)
  For My Country (1949)
  Golden Turtle from Hell (1949)
  Outcry in Governor Mei's Office (1949)
  Emperor Tang Ming's Nocturnal Trip (1949)
  The Divorce of Chu Mai-Sen (1949)
  King of Blunders (1949)
  Night Discovery of the Women's Trap (1949)
  Trashy Heaven (1949)
  The Weapon, Blood-sucker (Part 1) (1949)
  The Weapon, Blood-sucker (Part 2) (1949)
  Kiddy Stone's Night Fight with the Five Masters (1949)
  Justice Wins (1949)
  Life's Blessing Complete (1950)
  The Great Dictator (1950)
  Blood, Rouge and Tears (1950)
  A Hero of Troubled Times (1950)
  Magic of Tiger Dragon (1950)
  Camille (1950)
  Devil's Family (1950)
  Mother and Son in Grief (1951)
  Twelve Cheeky Girls (1951)
  A Hall Packed with Riches (1951)
  Red and White Gold Dragons (Part 1) (1951)
  Red and White Gold Dragons (Part 2) (1951)
  A Pretty Girl's Favours (1951)
  The Dazzling Devil (1951)
  Who Will Sympathize with Stepmother? (1951)
  The Merry Lovers (1951)
  Love's Misgivings (1951)
  From Now on We Are Strangers (1951)
  The Breaching of Black Wind Stockade (1952)
  A Prayer for Happiness (1952)
  Pearly Tears (1952)
  Everything Goes Wrong for the Poor Couple (1952)
  Peach Blossoms Fount by Night (1952)
  A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1952)
  Red and White Peonies (1952)