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Fortuna Films Co.

Fortona Films (H.K.) Co.,
Fu Tu Film (H.K.) Co.
Fortuna Films (H.K.) Co.
  The Dragon and Tiger Joint Hands (1973)
  The Tormentor (1973)
  Chinese Dragon (1973)
  The Vengeful Vampire (1975)
  One Armed Against Nine Killers (1976)
  The Traitorous (1976)
  The Deadly Silver Spear (1977)
  Shaolin Iron Claws (1978)
  The Eighteen Jade Arhats (1978)
  The War of the Boundary (1978)
  Freezing Point (1979)
  Moonlight Murderer (1980)
  The Guy at Simenting (1981)
  Spoony Love (1982)