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Dung Naam (Dongnan) Film Company

  Liu Jinding's Clash at the Gate (1948)
  Bloody Fight by the Golden Sand Beach (1952)
  Girls Favour Fools (1952)
  Lucky Gathering (1953)
  The Flag Which Conquered 7 Provinces (1957)
  How Old Master Jiang Crossed the River (1957)
  Torrents of Desire (1958)
  Two Sisters and the Stepmother (1960)
  Two Honourable Sisters (1960)
  Love with Tears (1961)
  Angel of Fortune (1961)
  The White Lady's Reincarnation (1959)
  Good Girl Covers for Both Sides (1948)
  Dream Adventures in Heaven (1948)
  Liu Jinding's Clash at the Gate (1948)
  Twin-heads Selling Martial Arts (1948)
  Hero of Our Time (1948)
  Tragic Romance in a Pavilion (1948)