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Shaws Film Company

  Smash Up (1952)
  Back Home Again (1952)
  Heaven of Love, Sea of Sin (1953)
  A Songstress Called Hong Lingyan (1953)
  A Midsummer Night's Love (1953)
  Green Heaven (1953)
  Girls in Transformation (1954)
  The Wind Withers (1954)
  Beyond the Grave (1954)
  The Feud (1955)
  Heart Break Well (1955)
  Love & Obligation (1955)
  Forever Goodbye (1955)
  Chin Ping Mei (1955)
  The Opera Boat at Star Island (1955)
  Our Lovely Baby (1956)
  The Error (1956)
  A Lovely Heart (1956)
  Meet Me After Spring (1956)
  The Orphan Girl (1956)
  The Secret of a Married Woman (1956)
  Our Good Daughter (1956)
  Beyond the Blue Horizon (1956)
  Siren, Parts I and II (1956)
  Autumn Affair (1956)
  The Chase (1956)
  You Are My Soul (1957)
  Pearl of the Island (1957)
  A Mating Story (1957)
  The Greatest Circus on Earth (1957)
  Lady in Distress (1957)
  The Dances of Charm (1957)
  Springtime in Paradise (1957)
  Miss Evening Sweet (1957)
  The Frosty Night (1957)
  The Fairy Sleeves (1957)
  A Mellow Spring (1957)
  The Marriage Between the Quick and the Dead (1957)
  He Has Taken Him for Another (1957)
  A Marriage for Love (1957)
  The Lady of Mystery (1957)
  Love with an Alien (1958)
  A Kiss for Me (1958)
  Diau Charn (1958)
  The Angel (1958)
  The Unforgettable Night (1958)
  Red Lantern (1958)
  Dan Fung Street (1958)
  The Blessed Family (1958)
  The Magic Touch (1958)
  Rendezvous in the South Sea (1960)
  Emperor Qi Xuan and Zhong Wuyan (Part 1) (1949)
  Emperor Qi Xuan and Zhong Wuyan (Part 2) (1949)
  Fong Sai-Yuk in a Bloody Battle in Ying Yang Cave (1950)
  Through Thick and Thin in Marriage (1950)
  The Battle Between the Heroines from Kunlun and the Swallow Thief (1950)
  Fang Shiyu and His Father's Revenge (1950)
  Fang Shiyu and His Father's Revenge (1950)
  Pearl of the Island (1957)
  Be Loved Daughter (1967)