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Dung Saan

Tung Shan Film Co.
  A Sword to Save a Country (1949)
  A Pair of Carved Jade (1960)
  Strange Visitor (1960)
  Xia Lu Qing Chou (1961)
  Birthday Ceremony (1961)
  A Pair of Carved Jade Part II (1961)
  Ming Zhu Bao Jian (1961)
  Wu Han Sha Qi (1962)
  Leung San Par Chok Ying Toi (1963)
  Wife in Disguise (1963)
  King Far Looei (1963)
  Twin Charms (1963)
  Tian Qi Lang (1964)
  Sai Seung Gei (1964)
  Opera Grand Scenic (1964)
  Double Imperial Sons-in-Law (1964)