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Yangtze Productions Limited

Yang Tze Film (H. K.) Ltd.
  Secret of My Millionaire Sister (1971)
  The Sword (1971)
  Oh My Love (1971)
  Love Affairs (1972)
  The Crush (1972)
  The Invasion (1972)
  Blind Boxer (1972)
  Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (1973)
  The Sister of the San-Tung Boxer (1973)
  Stranger from Canton (1973)
  Smugglers (1973)
  Action Tae Kwon Do (1973)
  Fingers That Kill (1974)
  Trail of the Dragon (1974)
  Tough Guy (1974)
  The Black Dragon's Revenge (1975)
  Close Kung Fu Encounter (1976)
  Stranger from Shaolin (1977)
  Crazy Guy with Super Kung Fu (1978)
  Way of the Black Dragon (1978)
  Kung Fu Fever (1979)
  Take the Rap (1981)
  Soul Killer (1982)
  Cross the River (1988)