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Chinese Movie Joint Company Ltd.

  Hai Shang Da Guan Yuan (1942)
  Torrent (1943)
  The Story of Qiuhaitang (Part 2) (1943)
  Peach Blossum Pond (1943)
  When You Will Come Back to Me (1943)
  Hong Yan Tie Xue (1943)
  The Story of Qiuhaitang (Part 1) (1943)
  The Second Generation (1943)
  Ye Shang Meng Duo (1943)
  Bright Future (1943)
  Qu Hai Qing Tao (1944)
  Marriage Symphony (1944)
  Struggle (1945)
  The Grand Hotel (1945)
  Mo Fu Shao Nian Tou (1945)