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Yunfeng Film Company

  A Host of Blunders (1950)
  The Great Dictator (1950)
  Our Marriage Through the Depression (1954)
  Homeward Bound! (1954)
  A Girl Called Axiu (1955)
  Who Will Get the Pretty Girl? (1955)
  Bandits of Shandong Province (1955)
  Pan Qiaoyun's Seduction of Shi Xiu (1956)
  Madam Du Sinks Her Treasure Chest in Anger (1956)
  The Feuds Between Fang Tanfgjing and Chen Mengji (1957)
  Kindness for Kindness (1957)
  How Fang Tangjing Exasperated the Government Official (1957)
  Luo Tong Conquers the North (1957)
  The Long Night (1958)