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Kao He

  Fan Li and Hsi Shih (1956)
  Flowers in a Rainy Night (1956)
  Mother and Child Tears (1957)
  Ah Lan (1957)
  Female Enemies (1957)
  Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (Sequel) (1957)
  Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (Chapter Three) (1957)
  Xue Ren-Gui and Liu Jin-Hua (1957)
  Xue Ren-Gui Travels East (1957)
  Boundless Bird (1957)
  Seaside Breeze (1957)
  Suffering Love (1957)
  Peasant Girl (1958)
  Lament of the Ancient Palace (1958)
  Wife I Have Failed (1958)
  Beauty Lures Man (1958)
  Blind Love (1958)
  Beggar Chao's Son-in-law (1959)
  Brother Wang and Brother Liu Disturb Opera Troup (1959)
  The Reformed Husband (1960)