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Kwong Au Recording Studio

Sound Recordist
  Obsessed (1983)
Recording Studio
  Country Man and the Scavenger (1976)
  Job Hunter (1981)
  Aces Go Places II (1983)
  Red Spell Spells Red (1983)
  Winner Takes All? (1984)
  Night Caller (1985)
  Cupid One (1985)
  The Island (1985)
Sound Post-Production Studio
  The Saviour (1980)
  Older Master Cute (1981)
  The Daring Kung-Fu Refugee (1982)
  Aces Go Places - Our Man from Bond Street (1984)
  Heaven Can Help (1984)
  The Surgeon (1984)
  Merry Christmas (1984)
  Lifeline Express (1984)