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The Sky Dragon Film Co.

  A Happy Fairy (1952)
  Magic Head of Princess (1960)
  Magic Head Princess' Battle with the Flying Dragon (1960)
  A Wonderful Petition (Part 1) (1960)
  A Sound Judgement (1960)
  One Who Saved All (1961)
  Little White Golden Dragon (1961)
  Heroes of the Age (1961)
  Beauty in a Fallen City (1962)
  How the Ape Girl Stole the Lotus Lamp (1962)
  The Fight Between the Flying Fan and the Magic Lamp (1962)
  Fong Sai-Yuk Rescued His Mother in the Boxing Ring (1962)
  The Birth of Shi Guizi (1962)
  Fong Sai-Yuk Fixing His Marriage at Wudang Shan (1962)
  The Murderous White-boned Blade (1963)
  The Iron Goddess of Mercy (1964)
  Husband of the Back Alley (1964)