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Fujian Film Studio

Fujian Movie Film Studio
  Real Kung Fu of Shaolin Pt 1 (1980)
  Spring and Autumn in a Small Town (1981)
  The Talented Leader (1985)
  Recluse of the Bamboo Forest (1985)
  The Holy Robe of the Shaolin Temple (1985)
  Those on Voyage (1986)
  The Operation Water-Bird (1986)
  Massacre in Nanjing (1987)
  In Troublous Times (1988)
  Happly Hero (1989)
  The Dead and the Living (1989)
  Bao Biao Ha Si Er (1992)
  Hurricane Over the Sea (1993)
  Love Spy (1994)
  The Strangers in Beijing (1996)
  Funny Business (2000)
  Sino-Dutch War 1661 (2001)
  The Story of Lotus (2003)
  Married For Seven Years (2004)
  A Bride in Jinmen (2011)