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Tat Fung Movie Enterprises Co.

  The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party (1956)
  The Dunce Gets a Son (1957)
  Darling Girl (1957)
  The Tripod and the Pearl (1958)
  Little Songstress (1958)
  How the Filial Daughter Returned the Pearl (1959)
  Cuckoo's Soul in March (1959)
  Sweet Bitterness (1960)
  Avenged (1960)
  Showdown at Ching-seng Hill (1961)
  Decisive Battle at Nan Ling Temple (1961)
  Three Swords and the Sky Monster (1962)
  A Perfect Match (1962)
  Three Fools Searching for Their Daughter (1963)
  The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands (Part 1) (1965)
  The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands (Part 2) (1965)
  The Young Boss Who Pulls Rickshaw (1965)