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化身情人 (1965)
Love in Disguise

Cheung Ying Tsoi<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Cheung Ying-Tsoi

Nam Hung
Lam Ban <br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Lam Ban (1)
Cheng Kwun Min<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Cheng Kwun-Min
Lee Heung Kam <br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Lee Heung-Kam
Lui Ming<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Lui Ming (2)

Chow Gat
Ko Lo-Chuen

Lee Heung-Kam
Yue Ming
Cheung Ying Tsoi and Yue Ming<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Cheung Ying-Tsoi
Yue Ming
Lee Heung Kam and Fung Mei Ying<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Lee Heung-Kam
Fung Mei-Ying (1)
Fung Wai Man (2nd left) and Chu Mei Wa(c)<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Fung Wai-Man
Yu Mei-Wah
Wong Sung-Nin, Lam Siu(c) and Wong Hon(r)<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Wong Sung-Nin
Lam Siu (1)
Wong Hon (2)
Cheung Ying Tsoi and Nam Hung<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Wong Sung-Nin
Cheung Ying Tsoi, Chu Yau Ko and Lui Ming<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)
Lam Ban and Cheng Kwun Min<br>Lover in Disguise (1965)

Lam Yuk (1)