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夜車 (1980)
The Happenings

Cheung Kwok-Keung<br>The Happenings (1980)
Cheung Kwok-Keung
Ti Keung<br>The Happenings (1980)
Ti Keung
Yim Chau-Wah<br>The Happenings (1980)
Yim Chau-Wah
Yim Chun-Wah<br>The Happenings (1980)
Yim Jan-Wa
Lisa Yuen Lai-Seung<br>The Happenings (1980)
Lisa Yuen Lai-Seung
'Apple'<br>The Happenings (1980)
Chu Siu-Ping
Yat Boon-Chai<br>The Happenings (1980)
Yat Boon-Chai
Luk Ying-Hong<br>The Happenings (1980)
Luk Ying-Hong
Wong Yat-Fei<br>The Happenings (1980)
Wong Yat-Fei
Gas attendant<br>The Happenings (1980)
Danny Chan<br>The Happenings (1980)
Danny Chan Bak-Keung
Chan Fei-Lung<br>The Happenings (1980)
Chan Fei-Lung
Chan Chik-Wai<br>The Happenings (1980)
Chan Chik-Wai
Ah Yung<br>The Happenings (1980)
Chiu Ho-Tung
Drunk woman<br>The Happenings (1980)
I am a man. I am a pen.<br>The Happenings (1980)
Editor Liang Fan<br>The Happenings (1980)
Stephen Shin Kei-Yin
Editor Anna Kwok<br>The Happenings (1980)
Felix Lok<br>The Happenings (1980)
Felix Lok Ying-Kwan
The Happenings (1980)
Tang Mei-Mei
hooker<br>The Happenings (1980)
hooker<br>The Happenings (1980)

The Happenings (1980)
Cheung Kwok-Keung
Lisa Yuen Lai-Seung

Yim Chau-Wah
Yim Jan-Wa
<br>The Happenings (1980)
Yuen Lai-Seung<br>The Happenings (1980)
Lisa Yuen Lai-Seung