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停不了的愛 (2002)
Loving Him

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/16/2017
Summary: Pleasant doomed romance

Well-written, passably acted, sometimes inspiring, Loving Him contains a few surprises, one of which that it is quite watchable, and is a cut above the average mush that is sometimes categorized as romance in HK cinema.

Daniel Chan cuts a striking figure as leading man, looking like a young version of Leslie Cheung. If you stopped to think about it, you may be tempted to wonder why such a beautiful chap wastes his time saving lives. He does suffering pretty well, and perhaps makes the best of a limiting role.

Qin Hai-Lu stands out as the country schoolteacher who drifts into love with the young doctor, already taken by the rather spoilt Audrey. Qin gets to express a decent palette of emotions, and is key to many of the wonderful warm moments in LH.

Always good to see a small appearance by HK's champion super-fatty, the old reprobate Wong Tin Lam.

Some of the little kids shamelessly steal scenes, especially Ying, the poor six year old girl dying of leukemia. And the doctor's 3 favourite boys are charmers as well.

A pleasant and moderately off-beat way to pass 90 minutes.

Reviewer Score: 5