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雲雨生死戀 (1993)
Ghost's Love

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/29/2002
Summary: Muddled

The story is more like a group of stories slotted into a bare frame. It looks like this film was made in pieces and assembled later. Little bits of it are not bad - for instance Jo Jo Ngan's too short appearance, but it's mostly pretty amateurish and stupid. Quite a lot of the cops and bad guys break out in random fits of kicking.

There are two big disappointments. The first is that, though this film is advertised as Cat III, there's only a little toplessness and no nudity. Quite possible I watched the cut version, so be careful.

The other disapp is the waste of some terrific talent. Yukari does little except hang around the fringes. Chung Faat as the main villain doesn't do a whole lot. Even WWF doesn't do her best.

Okay if you're bored and you love HK ghost films, otherwise entirely missable.

Reviewer Score: 2