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η‹‚ι‡Žθ‡₯εΊ• (2002)
Psychedelic Cop

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 10/26/2005

This is sort of an unusual take on the normal Danny Lee cop movie. He plays his normal hard-ass self, but the twist here is that one of the people in his squad (Lai Yiu Cheng) goes nuts when he sees an ambulance siren, dons a ninja-type suit, and begins slashing up Triads. This might have been more interesting stuff, but since the viewer knows who the "killer in mask" (as the subs call him) is, there's no suspense, and the weak attempts to create it slow the movie down. Also, there is a pretty severe lack of action -- probably due to the low budget. The movie could have used another couple of gunfights, or at the very least, some more blood and guts.

Getting back to the low budget, the most apparent indicator of it is the fact that the film was shot on digital video. I don't normally like the look of DV, and Psychedelic Cop didn't change my opinion. It might be okay for talky drama, but in a cop movie, it just looks cheap -- your average episode of "NYPD Blue" has better production values than this. Seriously, is there any sort of audience for this kind of stuff? There have been a very few instances (like El Mariachi, Evil Dead and Clerks) where a movie made for thousands has made millions. But, come on, let's get serious here. In a cop action/drama, the movie has to look at least halfway decent for the audience to take it seriously, and in this regard, Psychedelic Cop fails worse than a football player with ADD in math class.

To his credit, Bosco Lam tries to do what he can with the medium. There are some interesting attempts at actual cinematography, the acting is well-done (if a bit amateurish), and the action bits (helmed by Hong Kong action veteran Bruce Law) have glimmers of hope, if only for a few (too brief) moments. Ultimately, though, Psychedelic Cop can't escape its' low-budget trappings, and as such, is yet another fairly anonymous Danny Lee cop movie that fans will probably enjoy, but more casual viewers will probably want to save for the proverbial rainy day.

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 02/06/2005
Summary: aclaimed director can't raise funding

This DV project sums up the sorry state of affairs in the Hong Kong movie business. A decent script starring an industry icon by an internationally aclaimed director can't raise funding to shoot on film. Hardly anyone has seen this and those who have, hate it. I thought it was good, though the "video" look of the "film" ruins it for me.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: risbac
Date: 08/15/2002
Summary: Awful crap ! Worst of 2002 !

Please, don't even give it a try, it should be a direct-to-TV, not a DTS Widescreen DVD. It's shot on video, probably DV, and the directing is just amateurish. Most soaps have a better one. Talking about the plot, it's just cheap, could have been interesting with more than 10 minutes work on it. Jokes are flat, moving scenes are not. Really a big waste of time, I bet you will have hard time to finish it. Avoid it at all cost...

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