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解決士 (1982)
Secret Executioners

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 10/18/2005
Summary: The worst Gweilos fight scenes EVER!

First of all, Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws(1982) is a different movie from Secret Executioners(1981). Video Asia messed up the titles, titling this movie as Secret Executioner which is a silly mistake for a kung fu movie distributor for such a common movie. Since there is no review for Secret Executioners, I'll write one. Of course, this is a Korean production edited, dubbed, and ripped off by Tomas Tang production. This movie has one of the worst Gwei Lo fighters ever. The Gwei Lo snake fist(HAHAHA!) fighter looks like some burned out pot bellied redneck they pulled off of an old USWA wrestling roster, and the monkey fist fighter(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!) looks like a bad Marv Albert lookalike and the fight choreography is something else. The leg work between the Gweilos makes the houston cabaret rocketts look deadly. I would expect better fight scenes in a full contact plastic swordfight between William Hung and Crack Head Bob then what the foreigners used in this movie. It's some of the unintentionally funniest choreography I've EVER seen. Words do not describe their scenes. Then, there is that overweight Korean fight who spits out milk every time he's hit. Now, Kim Bok Min, some unknown Korean actor with sloppy Taekwondo skills, and Hwang Jang Lee play brokers who rough up people for the right price. The choreography is the basher type, long shots of kicking, punching, rolling, and falling, it makes Hwang's kicks and skills look amateurish and embaressingly overated, when you compare what he is doing to his HK work. The only notable fight scene is a surprise, and incredible fast, tight, quickly edited brutal ambush in a steam bath between Hwang and a bunch of fights. Hwang slams kicks and smashes uppercuts, runs and kicks the crap out of people, flips people around all in a small area, it is like it was choreographed by Sammo Hung in 1986! I would see this movie for this fight alone! 4(just for the steam bath fight and the horrible Gweilo secens, not for the movie)/4

Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws(1982): This is the review of the real Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws movie. Besides Hwang Jang Lee's rough ass kicking, this movie showcases the dramatic and moral tones of Korean movies that Godfrey Ho that Godfrey Ho somehow preserves into his rewrites of Korean movies. The movie is built on story and characters, and not just mindless fighting, as you'll see through the last half of the movie. The story has such a sensible effect that it take sthe power out of Hwang's kicks, and it's a rare sight to see Hwang in such an emotional form. 3/5