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血雨鴛鴦奪魂笛 (1981)
The Flute Player of Wrath

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 01/11/2003
Summary: IMO

What can I say about Taiwanese kung fu movies - they suck. This one is not too bad, as it was probably made in 81 or 82 (almost past the dreadful arm-throwing period). Being a fanatic of the new wave style, I absoltutely hate the kind of crap made by Taiwanese amateur filmmakers whose editing skills alone are worth bitchslapping for.

Anyway, the film is still all too typical of Taiwanese nonsense, with some of the worst costume makeups and tons of old school dialogues like "I'm from a place where I came from" and "It's a thing that you don't want to know" and "I'm going to kill a person whom you want to have killed." It's jackshit, basically. The redeeming quality is of course some good action. The lead is ugly as hell, but he did appear to have some skills. Unfortunately, he is better at hand-to-hand combat, but this is a swordplay movie. It's just a shame that Taiwanese filmmakers from this time were ever allowed to make crap like this.