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台北晚 9 朝 5 (2002)
Twenty Something Taipei

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 11/23/2005
Summary: Sex and Drugs and Disco

This is a film about young 20-somethings who use drugs, screw each other in various permutations and spend a lot of time at a disco called DEEP.

This film did not connect with me at all. It seems the director was trying to connect with people of this milieu by holding up a mirror, but for my money, everything here is only skin deep. I cared not a jot what happened to the characters. The cast of unknowns show no particular ability to act, nor to be natural. The reasons for attraction between any two people at any one time are never made clear and are sometimes baffling. The only character I felt anything for was Hitomi, a girl who'll screw anybody in the film industry to become an actress, and what I felt was mild pity.

Don't expect Cat III full frontal here. I believe the censors went over the top with the Cat III rating. Although there is explicit and strong sex scenes, frequent drug use and very coarse language, it adds up to IIb at worst. Several girls and at least one boy are shown naked but never full frontal.

For what it's worth, on the plus side the cinematography is great. Everyone looks as good as they're ever likely to (which isn't that great, considering that none of these young things are particularly attractive). And the direction is confident. Pity it really doesn't go anywhere.

Reviewer Score: 2