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通天老鼠下江南 (1978)
The Adventure of the "Heaven Mouse"

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 08/22/2019
Summary: Another movie degraded by the comedy of Dean Shek...

Warriors from all parts of the country converge on a region in search a jade locket whose sister piece unlocks a gate to untold riches once every twenty years. The two main characters are Dragon Lady (Doris Lung) and Unicorn (Wen Chiang-Long). Dragon Lady is blind and Unicorn is crippled, so along the way people try and take advantage of their disabilities to usually disastrous ends. These include a group of three scam artists, Flying Mouse (Dean Shek), Drilling Mouse and Mole Lo, who try and steal both sides of the jade key through various schemes. Finally, a rich master (Barry Chan) tries to buy both pieces of the jade but is eventually tricked by Dragon Lady and Unicorn and squares off in a battle in the desert.

This probably would have been an enjoyable movie if not for the unbearable comedy trio of “rodents” led by Dean Shek. Every scene they appear in is ruined with dumb jokes and scatalogical humor. Doris Lung and Barry Chan are fine in their roles and Lam Yi-Wa adds some eye-candy as a casino owner, but for the most part the movie is dragged under the water to drown by the presence of Shek and his cronies.

Reviewer Score: 3