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s (1981)
Hard Bastard

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/29/2005
Summary: A Korean production dubbed an dedited by IFD........

A Korean production dubbed an dedited by IFD. Hwang Jang Lee and Kim Ki Ju play Gypsies wandering the Korean country side, selling fake medicines and playing bluegrass music. They have to pay their taxes to the town's mob boss(Bruce Cheung), but Hwang doesn't take crap from anybody. The situations gets complicated, and Hwang has to fight off the mob boss, high right hand man(Kwon Il Su), and a bunch of Tae Kwon Do fighters. This isn't first class material for Hwang, but if you want to(like I do) hear Hwang blow that trumpet like Louis Prima, see him dress elegant, wear disguises, play the hero with a normal emotional range, and wander around like a gypsy while just kicking the crap out of people, then this is decenet viewing. Kim Ki Ju is usually relegated to playing the villain in every Korean movie around the time this movie was made, but here, he just plays a regular Gypsy, and his ghetto kicking style perfectly fits the movie this time, and he also plays some great violin in this one! A very different movie for Hwang, where he plays a real hero. Hwang is completely unrecognizable in this movie because he completely embellishes a colorful character, something he never does and that is completely opposite of his stonefaced wooden characterizations we are used to seeing. Hwang even does a fun comedic impersonation bit!! Now, Hwang doing comedy? Well, Hwang does it very well in this movie! Hwang brings enthusiam to this simple movie, and the dubbing is very well done. Watch it when you are in a good mood or if you have nothing else to watch, and you'll reallyu enjoy this movie. Available through Arena video or through the old Trans World Entertainment video, both of which have beautiful prints of the movie. ***/*****