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終極強姦II原始獸性 (2002)
Crime of Beast II

Reviewed by: AkiraRus
Date: 06/26/2005
Summary: Not like the original

Almost no similarities with the first part - it's partly romantic comedy, partly psychological drama, partly survival drama a-la "Cast away" but not erotic thriller at all. Good at heart but not very lucky cop Ricks runs from the loan sharks to Malaysia where he finds a work as a waiter at the boat. Some psycho girl blows the boat up and Ricks and two pretty girls (Sophie Ngan and Grace Lam) find themselves on some small island. Ricks decides that it's the best place to live but girls not agree with him. And instead of raping them as main character from the first movie would do he just walks around and drinks. Although for III rating movie it's pretty smart although very slow and cheap looking. No erotic scenes till last 30 mins or so and Ngan don't do nudity, while Lam undresses 3-4 times.