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魔幻賭船 (2005)
A Wondrous Bet

Reviewed by: Chinoco
Date: 07/16/2006
Summary: OK Film. SIow at times.

I go out of my way to find movies with Eric Tsang. When I saw that he was the star of this new (2005) movie I just had to get it.

It's interesting that there are no other reviews for this film. It must be either unknown, or disliked.

Anyway, this film features three down on there luck people who each separately end up on the same ocean gambling cruise. They all are on the cruise for different reasons, but for each it turns out to be a turning point in there lives.

The films three main characters are: May (Nicola Cheung), a jealous girl who thinks her boyfriend is on the ship with another woman; Nancy (Rachel Lee), a rich, mean-spirited woman who has just be diagnosed with cancer; and Tsang who plays Szeto Hark an insurance agent with dreams of being the next "God Of Gamblers". Once problem for Szeto- he's on the outs at work and if he doesn't hit his quota this month at work he's fired.

The movie starts with May's problem, and as there's really not much to it; it gets wrapped up fairly early. The film’s last story features Nancy; and that one is ok, but fairly depressing as it deals with a woman who may die. People more into sad drama may appreciate that part of the movie.

The second part of the movie (and the longest, as well as my favorite) involves Tsang and his wacky adventures to try and get rich. At times, he's up to some of his "Lucky Stars" antics. These moments include snatching a woman's purse, going nuts at the gambling table, and trying to pawn insurance to a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, there weren't quite enough of these moments for my taste.

One really strange part of this film involves hallucinations that all three of the featured characters have. We are hit with these several times and it breaks up the pace of the movie. A basic rule of thumb is that if anything wacky and over the top is going on- it's not really happening.

All three stories do interweave slightly; and at one point each character is helped out by the same female cruise staffer. I'm not sure if she is supposed to be some kind of guardian angel- or just a really nice person.

Overall, the movie was ok, but not great. It kept my interest, and did have a handful of very entertaining moments. Some people more into drama may like it a little more that I did.

I'll end this review with a Classic Eric Tsang Moment:

After apparently striking it rich; Eric has two pockets in his jacket. One, he stuffs with US$100 bills, with which he passes out left and right as tips. When he gets to a staffer that had previously been mean to him; he pulls back the $100 and reaches in to his inside pocket that is filled with US$1 bills. He says: "No way, you have offended me. You just deserve $1."

Reviewer Score: 6