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星星星 (1974)
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Reviewed by: heinz Germany
Date: 09/14/2020
Summary: Story could have been a drama for better instead

I suppose it was meant to be a comedy, but it took me quite a long time to understand that, since it was a stuff that could have been easily a drama, too. (Chiang Kuang-Chao did not overact, too - which is quite annoying in many movies). Three young ladies, who used to live in the house of a single landlord-lady (but don't share their rooms) dream of becoming stars:
1) Chen Chen as an actress, who mess-up each take and drives the director crazy, she dreams of becoming a film-Star, because she "looks like Chen Chen"
2) Tang Lan-Hua, who tries as a nightclub singer getting a record contract
3) kind of sexy Li Hsiang as a nightclub dancer, who does not want to strip.
They all don't have sucess, but keep telling everybody, that they have fantastic (fantasy) chances allready on their way. But they can hardly pay the rent for their rooms and depend on the mercy of the landlord-lady ever since...
Finally they try to flip professions: Chen Chen as singer, which is a complete desaster; Tang Lan-Hua as dancer, which is too innocent and childish and Li Hsiang, who must choose between "Fist or pillow" (aka Kung-Fu or "blue movie"), which did not work well, too - though she fits well, but her lover will not let her play a love-scene - problem is her lover is the producer, too... So, what they gonna do now??

Anyhow, that's all not very funny (Maybe someone smile, when Chen Chen is the stupid extra who throws every scene, but that's too much sillyness for me). I suppose it's only worth a watching for film-historical matters..

Reviewer Score: 5