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怒女金剛 (1982)
Handsome Vagabond

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/23/2006
Summary: Average Taiwanese triad action

Sean Lee Siu Fei and Ma Sha do decent work in this triad Yakuza movie, where Ma Sha plays his loyal Yakuza friend. Lee Siu Fei's brother, a singer, gets a contract and hooked on drugs through Ma Sha's gang boss and a rivalry starts between Lee and Ma Sha's gang, but Ma Sha is a loyal friend and teams up with Lee to take on the gang. Poorly shot, but Lee and Ma make this movie interesting. Joseph Lai's IFD edited and released this movie in 1985 as Street Fighters 2. Worth a look if you have nothing to watch. 2.5/5