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師奶唔易做 (2006)
My Mother Is a Belly Dancer

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 05/28/2007
Summary: not your average aunties...

after a traditional folk dancing class is cancelled the group of women who have signed up for it refuse to take part the alternative: belly dancing. mrs wong (crystal tin) has just lost her job collecting rubbish and, with her husband out of work, she's struggling to support her four young daughters. mrs lee (suet lee) is undermined by her husband and has lost the respect of her underachieving son. mrs chan (tan en-mei) has just discovered that her husband is seeing a girl who is the same age as their daughter. cherry (monie tung) is a young single mother, with few prospects and no direction in her life. these four women embrace the chance to broaden their horizons, ignoring their critics and troubles; is belly dancing the route to happiness?

the third of the 'focus first cuts' series, which i have watched, keeps up the high standard set by the excellent 'crazy stone' and 'the shoe fairy'. lee kung-lok creates a charming tale, which avoids the temptation to descend into saccharine, focussing on a group of women who, despite their best efforts, find themselves living stale lives.

the cast is strong, the narrative development is nicely grounded and it is very easy to warm to the four main characters. hopefully, focus films will continue to fund these projects, in the meantime, i must investigate the other three films that they have brought us.

good stuff...