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雙龍追踪 (1981)
Dragon Lee Fights Again

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 06/20/2018
Summary: Dragon Lee and Nick Cheung take on a moon cult...

Dragon Lee Fights Back is a South Korean film originally titled Two Fighters in the Moonlight. It stars Dragon Lee and Nick Cheung as two agents, Lee from Korea and Cheung from Hong Kong, who are tasked with infiltrating a heroin distribution ring masquerading as a cult that worships the moon. During their mission, they meet the daughter of the original leader of the cult, who has been kidnapped and replaced by “The Bishop,” (Kim Ki-Ju). They discover that a drug chemist that had recently been released from prison was also kidnapped by the group and has been forced to manufacturer the drugs on the cult’s remote island. After successfully making their way to the island, Dragon (Lee) and Agent Q-101 (Cheung) start to dismantle the organization from within.

Dragon Lee Fights Back is probably known more for its deceptive promotion more than for being a good action flick. The original movie has scenes from Clones of Bruce Lee spliced into the opening scene and a random part halfway through. Bolo Yeung and Bruce Le do not appear in this film other than those two added parts. The poster also has some shenanigans, as a random stunt man has had a moustache painted on to resemble Kim Ki-Ju fighting Dragon Lee. Although this fight does occur at the end of the movie, the poster’s depiction is wrong. As for the movie itself, it’s your typical Dragon Lee fare, with Bruce Lee imitations abound and lackluster fight scenes. The lone bright spot is an incredibly fast and acrobatic Kim Dong-Ho who, although it looks like he stands at about 5’1”, can pack some serious kicking and punching power.

Reviewer Score: 4