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老港正傳 (2007)
Mr. Cinema

Reviewed by: Tonic
Date: 12/08/2007

I really enjoyed aspects of this film, I felt perhaps the end was a little too sentimental.

However, it was only after the film had ended I realised there had been one fundamental problem with the film. Tiananmen Square 1989 was completely ignored

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 10/22/2007
Summary: i really should watch 'shaolin temple' again...

kong (anthony wong) and his wife, ying (teresa mo), live in a tiny house (a shack) on top of a building and they have a son, chong (ronald cheng). the film covers the fourty years of hong kong, leading up to 2007, charting the relationship between, cinema projectionist and staunch patriot, kong, ying and chong, who's rejection of his father's ideals lead him into many doomed get rich quick schemes, whilst he fails to express his love for min (karen mok), the daughter of his next-door neighbours...

well, as i was watching this, i began to think that it was like 'golden chicken', but with a slant towards the relationship with hong kong and china thrown in. thus, it came as no surprise to discover that samson chiu was the director of both films. chiu's style is evident; fragments of the character's lives are played out against a backdrop of social, cultural and political events.

the film isn't as enjoyable as 'golden chicken', but chiu still manages to get good performances from wong, cheng, mo and mok, plus there's a good supporting role for john shum, who we don't see much these days. with mixed messages and mixed success, the film goes through its paces in a relatively engaging and entertaining fashion, but it only really gets as far as good and no further.

reasonable stuff...