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基因決定我愛你 (2007)
My DNA Says I Love You!

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 06/19/2008
Summary: pills, pills, pills...

marlene (yu nan) and gigi (terri kwan) live together and work at a bio-medical research company. marlene takes anti-fat gene tablets to remain thin, for her frequently absent boyfriend, but soon finds her landlord's son, teddy (eddie peng), pursuing her. meanwhile, after being leaving her boyfriend and finding a new one, gigi steals some experimental anti-clean gene tablets, hoping that by lowering her intolerance to untidiness will help her stay in a relationship. however, trouble is around the corner when production of anti-fat gene pills grinds to a halt, inspiring marlene to starve herself, and the anti-clean gene pills cause gigi's appetite to soar, leading her to start taking hunger suppressants...

this is the second feature film from taiwan's robin lee. having loved her debut, 'the shoe fairy', and loving the title of this film (who doesn't?), i had been waiting for a subbed dvd to hit. now, it is nowhere near as good as 'the shoe fairy', but it is still a very enjoyable, if light, film. essentially, it is a rom-com, with a very mild sci-fi edge to it, focussing on two young ladies as they struggle with themselves and love. along the way, the film spends time raising questions about the lengths people go to, and the changes they make to themselves, in order to maintain their relationships and, to some extent, whether or not this is healthy.

the film doesn't have the magic of 'the shoe fairy', but the lee still manages to imbue a certain style into the film, which heightens its reality in a rather nice way. so, despite the fact that the humour, romance and sci-fi elements are all very light, they still manage to sit together nicely and produce an entertaining little film. it's not a classic and i won't be revisiting it as many times as its predecessor, but i will definitely be watching it again in the future.

good enough...